Cheap Christmas Cycling Gifts for a Boyfriend or MTB Geek

So your boyfriend is a cycling nut but you know nothing about mountain biking. You do know, however, that a sure way to his heart is to choose some cycling gifts for a boyfriend this Christmas, so just use the ideas in this article to buy some cheap mountain biking gifts that your boyfriend will love.

Mountain Bike Gifts for Men

Before you start thinking about mountain bike gifts for men, do some detective work by checking what bike your boyfriend rides and what looks worn or in need of replacement on the bike. Talk to his mates about what they spend money on when it comes to replacing parts or having to buy new bike gear or sneak a look at a mountain bike magazine in your local newsagent to check on hot items for Christmas.

Then decide on a budget and choose lots of small cheap items that can be packed together in a DIY gift box or, if he’s a really special boyfriend, pick just one more expensive item as a main gift.

Gift Box Ideas for Cyclists – Items Under £12/$18

The following items are inexpensive but essential items to put into a gift box for cyclists:

  • Inner tubes – check which type he uses, either car valve schrader tubes or presta valves.
  • Grips – these wear out quickly. A good choice is the Race Face Good n’ Evil
  • Puncture repair kit – include some tire levers too as these often break.
  • Bite valve – the little plastic bit that goes on the end of a hydration bladder tube; they get mucky and/or fall off frequently. A hydration bladder, by the way, is a plastic bag filled with water with a tube on the end, used for easy drinking on the trail.
  • Cleats – these are small pieces of shaped metal that fit onto cycling shoes so your boyfriend can ride clipped in or onto the pedals. They wear out quickly so check which type of shoe he wears and pop another set into that gift box.
  • Bike gloves – some brands are very expensive but Ground Effect’s Quickdrawswith a full finger thumb design are great value for money; just check your boyfriend’s hand size before you order.

If you can’t afford the above items, pull together an emergency trailside kit for him using items from your dad’s workshop or the family medical kit. Mountain bikers use things like gaffer tape, zip ties, plasters (they fall off a lot), bandages and aspirin (for those hangovers) all the time and you can also throw in one of mum’s homemade flapjacks as an emergency energy bar.

Mountain Bike Gifts Under £20/$30

Those with a slightly higher budget may want to buy a single gift item so consider these:

  • Hydration bladder – check which type of hydration pack and the size of the plastic bladder he owns and buy a new one.
  • Bike maintenance book – if he likes to do his own maintenance, the best book I can recommend as even I can work out how to fix things with the step by step instructions, is Lennard Zinn’s Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance.
  • Multi tool – the best value multi tool for use on the trail is Crank Brother’s Multi Tool 17which includes a chain tool and spoke key; don’t worry about what that means, this tool does everything and costs just £20/$30.

Where to Buy Christmas Gifts for Cycling

When you’ve tired yourself out deciding which cycling gifts to buy for your boyfriend, sit down at your computer and just buy those Christmas gifts online. If you live in the UK or Europe, the best value websites to use are Chain Reaction Cycles or Wiggle. These sites also deliver worldwide but to save on postage costs, those living in the US or Canada can look at JensonUSA or QBike.

Just be sure to order in plenty of time to make sure that online delivery arrives in time to pack your cycling present.

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