Hello guys, my name is Maximo Olsen and cycling is my passion. I live in beautiful city Portland,Oregon and love to explore different parts of my country on my cycle. I am fortunate to visit many places in last few years and would love to share my experiences with others via my website. I am not the one who would love to travel to many countries on my cycle as I prefer exploring deep in my own country. There is so much to gain and it inspires me to pick my cycle and plan a long journey.

This website could be easily treated as a traveling guide for the individuals who would like to explore Oregon. Here I would like to mention, all the shared routes will be cycle routes but I will try my best to share inside information about hotels, drinks, railways and plenty more. Interested candidates can make most of my posts and can even share their own experiences to assist me out.

Till date, the journey is amazing and I really hope to have lot more fun with my cycling ride in future too. It is easy to get in touch with me as you can share your comments or use my contact details. When free, I will surely reply and get rid of your queries. I am really hoping to inspire many individuals to use cycle as their means of transport and get close to nature as they will find true meaning of life.